Body Vibration Machine – What Is It?

Body Vibration Machine – What Is It?If you are looking for a low impact form of exercise, you might have had a look at vibration machines. Very simply, a vibration exercise machine will vibrate the platform and, you stand on it in different positions.

Although it is a new form of exercise and some of the health benefits claimed are still to be proven, the good news is that these machines are getting people impressive results and excellent reviews.

Below you will be able to read about how they work and which vibration machine you should go for.

How Does It Work?

Body Vibration is an excellent exercise if you are thinking of taking up an exercise program, and you are worried about the high impact of jogging or even brisk walking. The way it works is that as you stand on the platform, it will vibrate fast, at about 30 times per second.

This tricks the brain to think that the body is falling and activates the “stress reflex,” a speedy muscle contraction.

It works the same way as when you miss a step on the stairs or misjudge a curbstone on a roadside, and your entire body tenses up. The muscle contractions will give you the same sort of workout that you would get from lifting weights.

One thing we would say about any vibration exercise machine is to make sure you back it up with real exercise. If you have a form of exercise that you do and use the vibration machine in conjunction, it will work well and give you faster results.

In fact, out of the research doctors have done into vibration machines, one of the top benefits is bone density, which means you can build up strong bones before taking on a more vigorous exercise.

The problem is that most vibration machines cost a lot of money as it is a relatively new technology.

Which To Buy?

The problem is that these machines seem to be in demand. When we created this website, we had a look around to see what was out there, and a lot of the vibration machines we found were expensive. This is fine, but it also means that you will have to spend a lot of money to get the benefits if you are trying out this new form of therapy or exercise.

The main problem seemed to be finding a good, reliable vibration machine that does not break the bank and has all of the features you need. For instance, you can read about the different types of vibration machines in another post, but in a nutshell – some are good for weight loss, while others are good for strength training. This is all to do with the different forms of vibration the machine will carry out, and it is rare to find one that will do both at a low price.

However, we managed to find one, and you will be able to read the full review below, where we will run through the features and tell you where to get the lowest prices.

For an excellent vibration machine that does not break the bank check out our review of the Confidence Slim Machine as it gives you a wide range of features and is not so expensive that you will have to outlay a lot of money to experience some of the benefits.

This machine is getting excellent reviews, and if you are looking for a decent vibration exercise machine that is cost-effective and packed with features, you should check out our review today.